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Valentine’s Day Slime

How to Valentine’s Day Slime

Project Notes:

– once you’re crafting with very little ones, keep an eye fixed on the glitter and spangles, since these might gift a choking hazard.
– once creating slime, be sensible and shield your surface with wax (or parchment) paper. you furthermore may might want to wear associate apron (or different protecting garment) to avoid slime-related accidents.

Start by finding your favorite clear glue slime formula to use for this batch of Sparkly Pink slime.

TIP: searching for smart slime recipes? Elmer’s® incorporates a ton, click Here to test them out.

Follow your recipe’s directions to create a batch of clear slime. combine in barely a touch pink icing color to show it pale pink.

TIP: Dip a craft stick into the icing color instrumentation, then combine the colour into the glue, stirring totally till it’s completely alloyed. continuously use a replacement, clean craft stick once dipping into your food color, so as to avoid cross-contamination.

Flatten out your slime on a chunk of wax (or parchment) paper and sprinkle in barely a touch Silver glitter. Fold the slime’s edges in toward the middle to mix the glitter into the slime.
Repeat this method to feature the little pink hearts, small iridescent white stars and bigger magenta foil hearts from the spangle pack. Continue folding and stretching till all the mix-ins are equally distributed throughout the slime.

TIP: once you’re done taking part in, confirm to store your slime in associate airtight instrumentation (or a re-sealable plastic bag).



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