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when area is confined, you need to make each piece of furniture depend. Our bedroom is a little at the cushty facet, so every piece desires a purpose and to be beautiful. There’s no mixing in with the relaxation of the fixtures, due to the fact properly, there is no relaxation of the fixtures!

I had tried to get away with having a completely minimum quantity of garage on this room, but as our bathroom is storage sparse also (don’t get me started on how badly this area has been designed) my merchandise and make-up have been starting to make a domestic on every floor to be had.

I really like being capable of positioned matters in the back of closed doors and as a lot as I try and maintain them organised it’s adequate if they’re a touch messy here. as long as i can’t see it, it’s excellent! So I decided to go together with what I recognize and made this small bed room garage IKEA hack to clear up the problem.

DIY Dowel Faced Cabinet IKEA hack

DIY Dowel faced cupboard IKEA hack

I wanted garage that become big sufficient to get rid of the litter but I didn’t want to ought to climb over it whenever I crossed the room. not practical, especially with a grabby little one. So I chose this shoe storage unit from IKEA which is barely narrower than most storage shelves. i can without difficulty stroll beyond it however it offers me all of the storage I need (and extra!)

I started by adding taller legs. My skirting boards are annoyingly tall. This cupboard comes with 3 legs and honestly has to be attached to the wall. It isn’t strong on it’s own! I put on a few Prettypegs legs that I used on this DIY many moons ago! (looking back at this post it’s hilarious how plenty my styling has modified and in fact, it’s a piece of a boost. I usually fear I’m now not getting any higher at my job, however i am absolutely improving based totally on that post and this!!)


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